New Private Room Available!

We are so happy to announce that we have finished the construction on our new private bedroom. Currently this room accommodates one person. By April, we will have a new full size queen bed frame ready, built from local lumber, and equipped with a memory foam mattress.

This room is only the start of the changes we are making at The Local Hostel. If you have stayed with us before I am sure you fell in love with our old and ugly carpet circa 1970. Well, this winter we are going room by room and replacing all of the carpet with laminate wood floors. We are so excited to get rid of this carpet (but not so excited to move all these heavy bunk beds)! The work will be worth it though for your comfort and our eyes.

Check out these photos. We transformed two large closets into one lovely private room.

Big thanks to Charlie Scaptura and JAC contracting for always being professional and thorough.



Two closets become one.



We got lucky. A window frame already existed when our contractors tour off the wall.


Next we will tackle the carpet in the hallway.


Dobermann not included in the room rental.