About Us

The owners of The Local Hostel grew up in Schuyler County, the home of Watkins Glen. Together they have traveled to 13 different countries in Europe, the Bahamas, North, Central and South America and are using that experience as inspiration to develop The Local hostel over time. Together they enjoy local wines, swimming in Seneca Lake, live music in the area, and cold beer at Two Goats Brewery. The owners welcome you to their home land and cannot wait to share their favorite wineries, breweries, live music, fishing spots, restaurants and nature trails. They want you to feel at home in the Finger Lakes and at The Local Hostel.


Executive Doggy Committee

Emme (brown dog) is the Vice-President of Snuggles. She ensures ALL guests get equal snuggle time with her.

Beatrice (black dog) is the President of Communications. She lets us know when you arrive…every time.

We are ALL here to make you feel at home!!