A work in progress

We are always making changes at The Local Hostel, and hopefully for the better! Our newest change was a complete indoor renovation of our 300 square foot stand alone building which we so affectionately call “The Cottage.” This is not your typical hostel space. The Cottage is very much so set apart from the hostel experience.


Great for couples: spacious, updated 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in downtown Watkins Glen, available for nightly rentals NOW. Close to restaurants and bars, and a great place to rest in between wine tours and visits to Watkins Glen International. The price is still competitive compared to other high end lodging establishments in Watkins Glen. The Cottage has a small kitchenette with beautiful Quartz counter top and open Black Walnut shelving. This property is available to rent now, and we eagerly await your feedback.

Here are a few photos from the “work in progress” reel. ¬†Since we opened in May 2016 we have been consistently updating our Hostel to be more comfortable. At the end of 2017 we added a new private room with a full size bed option. In January 2018, we ripped up all the carpets in the hostel and installed laminate wood floors. In April 2018 we turned our stand alone “Cottage” building into a completely private rental space and in February 2019 we did a complete remodel. Now the cottage is equipped with a small kitchenette, full bathroom, and full size bed. ¬†Follow our progress from day 1 to today, below. Hope you enjoy! Here you can also find a story written by our local newspaper.


The Wood Shop, after a long day. Ready for tomorrow.


Single bunk ready for sealer.


Rough framing up a bunk.


End stringers/ladder/grab bar built.


Two finished bunks ready for sealer.


A little sealer on a stringer.


Chalkboard complete.



Kitchen before. (rough shape)


During the overhaul.


The kitchen finished. (mostly)



Our private room for two.


The south end of our lounge.


Beds in our 6-bed dorm room



Take a rest on our front porch.



Still putting the finishing touches on our backyard patio.